Best Computers For Graphic Designers Apple Vs PC

The age old question when using a computer is which one is better Apple or PC. There are many reasons why one is better than another, but it is shocking that people still have this dilemma that has been present for at least a decade. Some graphic designers are even denied work based off on which operating system they use. In the western part of the world the Mac is considered to be the preferred operating system when it comes to designing, but in today’s age, it really should not be such a big difference. Let’s talk about why as a Graphic Designer you would want to choose an Apple or a PC.

What needs to be said before we get into the numbers and definitions of this article is that the Apple has a slight edge in today’s market due to Tradition and bias of many people.

The Adobe brand has even gone on record saying that there is no difference on the type of operating system you use but the hardware that is in your computer that makes all the difference. So if you hear somebody saying, Photoshop runs better on a Mac, just tell them they are wrong, tell them to google the statement from Adobe and don’t engage in further arguments. With that out of the way, we can move to the real things.

The software

It’s the same! The long debate about which operating system is better for a graphic designer boils down to one line. It’s all the same in 2016. The only edge the PC has over the Mac is that games can be played on the Mac and therefore some apps that work on the PC won’t be working on the Mac.

But when it comes down to the use of Adobe suite and the office, both have been ported to the respective counterparts.

The hardware

This is where all the gold is hiding! The outside of the laptops sure give points for design to Apple, but when it comes to the inside, the PC wins’ hands down. The issue with the Mac is very simple; you can’t customize it, upgrade it or change it in any way shape or form from the standard issue like you bought it.


The PC on the other hand can be customized to operate specifically for something and to be extremely good at it. Sure the PC operating system uses a bit more resources, but the hardware offsets that.

Legitimate reasons for picking each system

Apple still has lots of tricks up their sleeve. For these legitimate reasons people choose apple:

– Using Thunderbolt 2 for large file transfers
– Using other Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone and their connectivity with each other
– The need to use Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro in addition to your Adobe applications as a motion designer.
– Operating System preference

The PC also has a few reasons to offer its users:

– Windows Computers are cheaper for the same performance specs
– Access to Windows-only products and business software.
– System compatibility with the world (90% Windows Users).
– The ability for customization and upgrading of specific parts.
– High-end animation designer with the need of multiple HDD and top speeds.
– Operating System preference